112 North 7th St. Miles City, Montana • 406.234.1525

Spoon Full Inspired Espresso & Bakery Eats
115 North 7th Street Miles City, Montana
Open Monday-Friday 7am-2pm & Sat 8am-4pm
(406) 234-3855 • spoonfullcoffee@gmail.com

About our Coffee Shop

Spoon Full is a treat for the senses! Let your eyes observe walls of beautiful and inspirational art and your nose breathe in wonderful smells! Fill your "spoon" with tasty homemade treats or drinks, and let your ears hear the sounds of whatever makes you happy! Hands On? Create your own masterpiece by taking one of our Art Classes in our classroom! Spoon Full delivers a full experience if you are looking for a good energy place to "just be". If you feel like passing the time, meeting with friends, or just finding creative ways to keep your "Spoon" Full, we welcome you into our tribe.

Visit us at 115 North 7th St in Miles City - Across the street from Girl Ran Away!

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